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March 06, 2007


I’ve been asked several times about how I set up my Conky. First a little about Conky. It is a light-weight system monitor, according to their website, but you can do much more. You can show basic system stats to grab RSS Feeds to show your Media Player (Amarok for me) status.

Now onto my configurations. Rather than explain each thing, I will show you how mine is set up (without the RSS, weather, and Amarok).

# A comprehensive conky script, configured for use on
# Ubuntu / Debian Gnome, without the need for any external scripts.
# Based on conky-jc and the default .conkyrc.
# - tail of /var/log/messages
# - netstat connections to your computer
# -- Pengo (conky@pengo.us)

# set to yes if you want tormo to be forked in the background
background no
cpu_avg_samples 2
net_avg_samples 2

out_to_console no

# Create own window instead of using desktop (required in nautilus)
own_window yes
own_window_type override
own_window_transparent yes
own_window_hints undecorated,below,sticky,skip_taskbar,skip_pager
own_window_colour brown

# Use double buffering (reduces flicker, may not work for everyone)
double_buffer yes

# Subtract file system buffers from used memory?
no_buffers yes

# fiddle with window
use_spacer yes
use_xft no

# Update interval in seconds
update_interval 2

# Minimum size of text area
# minimum_size 250 5

# Draw shades?
draw_shades no
draw_borders no

# Text stuff
draw_outline no # amplifies text if yes
draw_borders no
xftfont Monospace:size=9
xftalpha 0.8
uppercase no # set to yes if you want all text to be in uppercase

# Stippled borders?
stippled_borders 3

# border margins
border_margin 9

# border width
border_width 10

# Default colors and also border colors, grey90 == #e5e5e5
default_color gray

# Text alignment, other possible values are commented
#alignment top_left
alignment top_right
#alignment bottom_left
#alignment bottom_right

# Gap between borders of screen and text
gap_x 10
gap_y 10

# stuff after 'TEXT' will be formatted on screen

${color white}$alignc$sysname $kernel on $machine
${color white}$alignc${exec whoami} @ $nodename
${color orange}INFORMATION ${hr 2}${color 000000}
${color 000000}Date: ${color white}${time %A,%d %B}
${color 000000}Time: ${color white}${time %k:%M:%S}${alignr}${color 000000}Uptime: ${color white}$uptime

${color orange}CPU ${hr 2}${color 000000}
Freq:${color white} ${freq}MHz ${alignr}${color 000000}Load:${color white} ${loadavg}${color 000000}
${color white}$cpubar
${cpugraph 000000 FCD116}
${color 000000}NAME             PID       CPU%      MEM%${color white}
${top name 1} ${top pid 1}   ${top cpu 1}    ${top mem 1}
${top name 2} ${top pid 2}   ${top cpu 2}    ${top mem 2}
${top name 3} ${top pid 3}   ${top cpu 3}    ${top mem 3}
${top name 4} ${top pid 4}   ${top cpu 4}    ${top mem 4}
${top name 5} ${top pid 5}   ${top cpu 5}    ${top mem 5}
${top name 6} ${top pid 6}   ${top cpu 6}    ${top mem 6}
${top name 7} ${top pid 7}   ${top cpu 7}    ${top mem 7}
${top name 8} ${top pid 8}   ${top cpu 8}    ${top mem 8}
${top name 9} ${top pid 9}   ${top cpu 9}    ${top mem 9}
${top name 10} ${top pid 10}   ${top cpu 10}    ${top mem 10}

${color orange}MEMORY ${hr 2}${color 000000}
RAM:${color white}   $memperc%   ${color white}${membar 6}${color 000000}
Swap:${color white}  $swapperc%   ${color white}${swapbar 6}${color 000000}

${color orange}DISK ${hr 2}${color 000000}
Linux   (${fs_size /})${color white} ${fs_bar 6 /}${color 000000}
Windows (${fs_size /media/windows})${color white}  ${fs_bar 6 /media/windows}${color 000000}
Storage (${fs_size /media/storage})${color white} ${fs_bar 6 /media/storage}${color 000000}
Web     (${fs_size /media/web})${color white}  ${fs_bar 6 /media/web}${color 000000}

${color orange}NETWORK (${addr eth0}) ${hr 2}${color 000000}
Down:${color white} ${downspeed eth0} k/s ${alignr}${color 000000}Up:${color white} ${upspeed eth0} k/s${color 000000}
${downspeedgraph eth0 25,140 000000 ff0000} ${alignr}${upspeedgraph eth0 25,140 000000 00ff00}${color 000000}
Total:${color white} ${totaldown eth0} ${alignr}${color 000000}Total:${color white} ${totalup eth0}${color 000000}
Inbound:${color white} ${tcp_portmon 1 32767 count} ${color 000000}Outbound:${color white} ${tcp_portmon 32768 61000 count}${alignr}${color 000000}Total:${color white} ${tcp_portmon 1 65535 count}${color 000000}