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June 27, 2007

What is detroit.app.Application?

Recently Google Docs & Spreadsheets released a new version of their wonderful application. It’s a wonderful new interface and foreshadows what Google Docs is going to turn into.

Like always, I went snooping around to see what I could find. It’s usually fun to see what they didn’t implement yet. Taking a look at the javascript source (notice the link might change) I found something very interesting.

ac[_P].Ca = function()
   throw Error("[detroit.app.Application] Not implemented");

Apart from it being “Google Code” (no useful variable names), it shows that their is an application called “detroit.app” being developed. There is a Google Sales office in Detroit, but apart from that, I could not find anything related.

Most applications will have a codename before it’s final release. So now our part is to figure out what “detroit.app.Application” is.

Update: There seems to be many calls to “detroit.ui.” however. One of them is “detroit.ui.Pager”. The name “detroit” could be the code-name for the next release.