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October 08, 2007

Programming Child Names or "What not to name your children"

Am I being too much of a geek to even consider this? I always thought it would be super cute (and nerdy) to name your child after something you love. Okay, maybe not for all loves, but it works for some loves. People name their children after their parents, grandparents, celebrities, and even pets; so why not name a child after programming languages. Maybe it’s too much of a commitment to name your child after a programming language, but maybe a pet.

Here’s a short list of programming languages that could be names also. Bare with me.

Perl, Ruby
"Pearl" and "Ruby"; Both could be said to be named after jewels.
C, C++
Alright, you shouldn't name your child just one letter, but you can name him or her which starts with the character C. Examples: Chris, Chad, Christy, Caroline, etc. Now, if you could make your child name their child with a C
You have to have a last name that starts with P. So, let's say you're last name is Perkins. You can name your children, Phillip Hurburt Perkins, Allison Susan Perkins, or Jenny Sandra Perkins.

On the other hand, you could always name a new programming language after your child. That would be incredibly sweet also. You decide: too geeky or reasonable?