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May 27, 2009

Command, Option, & Shift Symbols in Unicode

Update: Ratty in the comment noted that ⎋ is actually the ESC key button not the power button.

Update 2012: Added more symbols.

Unicode does define some other characters which are sort of Mac-specific.

Character Entity Code Entity Name Description
&#x2318 &#8984 Command Key symbol
&#x2325 &#8997 Option Key symbol
&#x21E7 &#8679 Shift Key symbol
&#x238B &#9099 ESC Key symbol
&#x21ea &#8682 Capslock symbol
&#x23ce &#9166 Return symbol
&#x232b &#9003 Delete / Backspace symbol

Note: The Power Button and Shift Key are not Mac-specific. The power button is described as “broken circle with northwest arrow”, or an escape character from ISO 9995-7. The shift key is described as an “outline up-arrow”.

Even though these are defined in standard Unicode, there is no guarantee that they will exist in the font of the receiving browser, but they’re at least globally defined, so they’re fair game.